Nirvana is Now Offering Loose Leaf Tea for Sale

It’s finally here! You can now buy bulk loose leaf tea at Nirvana Tea House and Cafe.

July 23, 2020

After scouring the globe, the tasting team at Nirvana Tea House and Cafe has narrowed down a select list of 41 loose leaf teas that will appeal to all tea lovers, new tea drinkers and die-hard fans. ?I wanted to offer all the favorites, but also have a few specialty items on hand for the experienced tea drinker who would like to try something new.? said Kelly, manager at Nirvana.

All of the teas at Nirvana Tea House and Cafe are sourced from farms practicing sustainable practices and are heavily involved in the development of their communities. The teas are available in 30g and 60g bags. ?It was important for us to offer the tea in smaller quantities so that everyone has the opportunity to explore a vast array of what the world has to offer. Our tea servers can help guide customers through the journey beginning with the flavors they already know to discovering new and exciting varieties. Loose leaf has a very different quality to it that can?t be found in a traditional teabag.? explained Kelly.

Prices mostly vary from $5 to $12 per 30g. However, there are a handful of very rare top shelf teas at premium prices worth trying and all would make amazing gifts for the tea drinker in your life.

Nirvana is the only local tea merchant that offers purple tea, tieguanyin and golden milk anywhere in the vicinity. So come to Nirvana Tea House and Cafe in Millis to discover a whole new world of tea.