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In-House Tea Menu

**before placing your order, please notify your server if a member of your party has a food allergy**

Iced Teas

Blood Orange Rooibos lemonade – notes of orange and vanilla, caffeine free $3.5
Peaceful Elephant – black, Darjeeling district $3
Moroccan Mint – refreshing green tea with mint $3

Spicy Ginger Twist – lemony with a perfect kick of ginger and spice, caffeine free $3
Sakura Cherry Green Lemonade – cherry and hibiscus green tea with lemonade $3.5
Earl Grey Blue – vanilla forward blend that shines over ice $3


Fall Favorites

Chai Spiced Cider – local apple cider steamed with the cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger notes of our caffeine free chai  $4.5
Pumpkin Harvest Latte – a sweet and spicy chai latte with the pumpkin, apple, and orange notes $4.5
Apple Crisp Latte – blend of sweet apple, cinnamon, chaga, and chicory steamed with your milk of choice  $4.5


Classic Tea Lattes  (available with rice, almond, soy or oat milk)

Masala chai latte hot or cold $4
Matcha green tea latte hot or cold $4.25
Earl grey blue latte hot or cold $4
Golden Milk hot $4.25


Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls – China $6.75
Strong flavor of sweet jasmine
Green Tea Colada Organic – Yunnan China $5.75
Refreshing and crisp with flavors of mango and coconut
Moroccan Mint – China $5.25
Refreshing blend of green tea, spearmint, and peppermint
Mountain Spring Green – Columbia $5.00
Slightly bitter and bold, with hints of roasted nuts
Rainforest Fruit Organic – Columbia $5.75
Perfectly balanced with pear guava and tart flavors of pineapple and strawberries
Sakura Cherry Green – China $5.50
Tart and Flowery
Laoshan Green – China $5.50
Vegetal with light flavors of brown sugar and seaweed



Organic Apricot Brandy – Blend $5.00
Good dessert tea with hints of mango & apricot
Organic Makaibari Jungpana Estate – India $4.75
Mellow and light
Andean Princess – Columbia $5.50
Tart, citrusy with hints of raspberries & grapes
Peaceful Elephant – Darjeeling district Nuxalbari Estate $4.75
Dry finish, vegetal, including asparagus & artichokes
Sunshine Daydream – India & Columbia $5.75
Refreshing with flavors of peach and ginger
Birdsong Black – Columbia $5.00
Full-bodied with a malty finish & hints of raisin and plum
Laoshan Black – He family, Shandong, China $5.50
Savory with flavors of brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla, cherry and cinnamon
Organic Guranse Estate (Pekoe) – Nepal & Rwanda $5.00
Muscatel (Grapes)
Decaf Black Assam – India $6.00
Bold and malty, a straight-forward classic black for any time of day


Emerald Elixir – Kenya $6.25
Dry, lemony, hint of pepper


Decaf Tulsi Chai – Blend $4.75
Our strongest cinnamon
Organic Masala Chai – Blend $5.25
Ginger, cardamom, and vanilla with less cinnamon than the chai you may be used to
Evening Chai Organic – South Africa $5.25
Zesty, spicy, full-bodied and aromatic
Mate Chino – India, Argentina $4.75
Ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom & vanilla


Blood Orange Organic – South Africa $5.50
Creamy and tart with underlying flavors of vanilla and orange
Honey Bush Organic – South Africa $5.00
Sweet and spicy with a pleasing scent of honey
Lemon Head – South Africa $5.25
Lemony, tart and sweet
Turmeric Twirl – South Africa $5.50
Zesty, spicy and smooth


Organic Huo Mountain – China $6.00
Buttery and vegetal with a clean finish


**Seasonal Favorite** Baked Apple Pie – Blend $5.50
An apple, cinnamon, chaga, chicory, and rosehip pot of coziness. 

Spicy Ginger Snap – Blend $5.75
Powerful ginger blended with lemon, chamomile, and cayenne. 

Easy Does It Elderberry – China $5.50

Minty botanical blend of spearmint, lemongrass and elderberries
Licorice Mint – Blend $5.50
Licorice root, anise, clove, peppermint and ginger. Very sweet finish
Stress Less/ adaptogenic ashwaganda – India $5.75
Smooth and calming
Sweet Rhapsody and Rose Organic – South Africa $6.00
Malty and creamy mouthful with undertones of sweet cinnamon



Rice Pudding Organic – China $5.25
Aromatic and creamy with flavors of sweet cinnamon – Staff favorite!
White Peony Pai Mu Tan – China $5.00
Florally and light


Earl Grey

Earl Grey Blue (de la crème) – India and Columbia $5.75
Balanced, slightly sweet, vanilla, blue cornflowers
Earl Grey Red – India $5.50
Bergamot and Safflower


Gu Hua Sheng – Dongsa Cooperative Yunnan, China $6.25
Spicy and savory with flavors of marigold, basil, and fennel


Gaba Oolong Organic – China $5.50
Complex, roasty, nutty
Traditional TieGuanYin – Master Zhang, Anxi China $6.50
Savory with notes of barley and vanilla
Java Oolong Medium Roast – Indonesia – Nirvana owner’s favorite! $6.00
Full-flavored with roasted aromas. Hints of honey
Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong – Li family Fujian, China $6.50
Savory with flavors of caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and elderberry
Qilan Wuyi Oolong – Li family, Fujian, China $6.75
Very floral with subtle spice, fruity hints of green apple and mango
Strawberry Oolong – Fujian, China $6.00
Dark, full flavored oolong with a refreshing hint of strawberry

We source all of our teas from environmentally friendly farms whose mission it is to preserve the natural landscapes, protect wildlife, and care for their workers. We chose only the highest quality teas and a diverse collection of types, flavors and tastes that will surely please the palate!

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